About FEA

ForEverAll is an free to play online browser game. Modern browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are all compatible with the game and should display it fine.

The game setting is in the not-so distant future, based in a mega-city in which 5 different species coexist, FEA offers a little something for most players. From gambling at the casino to upgrading racing vehicles (MagLevites). Players can battle one another, join factions, mine for precious materials, and even take up employment and begin the tedious climb to the top of their career path.

The game features various skills that help the player with certain aspects such as weapon accuracy, armor repairing, system ‘hacking’, and more! Want to increase a skills effectiveness? Take a university course or spend hard earned skill credits to boost it to the next level!

ForEverAll is a game that will be in constant development. Upgrades, improvements, and patches will be applied in real-time, ensuring the game’s healthy growth and stable community.