Final Dev Sprint

Though December is a busy time for me full of travel, long nights and early mornings, I am entering the final development sprint that will hopefully get the game into a working beta stage. My goal was to have initial development wrapped up by February of 2019 and so far, so good!

So what’s the major items left?

  • Some art – while I’ve accepted the fact that some stuff in the game won’t have art early on, I’ve done what I can to get a few visuals sprinkled in.
  • Community Hub – I need to finish fleshing out the features and functionality of the community hub. This will be were players can read the newest updates and announcements, interact with others on a forum, and get an insight into how active things are.
  • Employment System – I’ve gotten the base career paths finished and added to the game. One major missing piece is the promotion system and all of the logic on how to handle that.

I’ve also learned a lot about the framework I’ve used to build the game, really wishing I’d done some things differently or understood the ins and outs a bit better. However, everything to date is stable, secure, and works – it’s just not 100% in line with how the framework was intended to be used. I guess that’s normal and will be something I work towards improving once the game is launched.

Announcing the Game

I plan on posting around Facebook and Twitter once the game is launched. I’m hoping to have a way for players to easily report bugs (outside of an email of tweet), I think this will be a great asset to helping me make the game better and more enjoyable for the community.

I don’t have a plan for any player caps, though in the unlikely event that a thousand or so players sign up, I’d limit the signup section.

So stay tuned, Beta is just around the corner, ya’ll!

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