State of Development

So here it is! The first official dev blog entry for the game. I’ve made some posts over on my personal blog,, but it’s time to get a dedicated are for these things. Over the course of the next few months, I’ll post semi-regular updates, screen shots and technical breakdowns of the game’s development.

The Beginning

Development on the game officially began early in April of 2018, so about two months ago. Though I won’t dive into it on this post, I developed the original game and concept behind ForEverAll was developed from 2006-2009.

Scheduled Release Versions

The game is currently in pre-alpha, very few game mechanics have been implemented, there is zero artwork, player creation doesn’t exist yet. The main focus has been on fleshing out the various things players can do within the city area. There are around 25 different locations in the featured city – each with things to buy or do.

I’m expecting to have a Beta release later this year and a finished, fully playable game in early 2019.

Browser Based, Free to Play

It’s a browser based game, free to play. No Flash, no downloads, no high-end GPU needed. Though the typical browser-game is text-driven, ForEverAll will feature plenty of visual representations and art work.


No, they will never exist within this game. Instead, players will be offered a way to ‘support’ the game through a one time or monthly payment. This will likely be somewhere between $5-$10 and will allow said player to have purely cosmetic features and options. No player that supports the game will be afforded benefits that give them an advantage over other players.


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