Game Mechanics

Welcome to the Mines!

In ForEverAll, you can visit the mines, purchase a ‘mining droid’ and have it start digging for valuable minerals overtime. This mostly-passive feature exists for a few reasons:

  1. It allows player’s to make a passive income.
  2. It helps create potential for a realistic game economy (something I’ve yet to fully flesh out).
  3. It is another avenue in which players can spend money (and ultimately, make more money).

The droids will breakdown overtime and a repair fee will be charged to get them back up and running again. Players will also have to check in every once in a while to ’empty’ their mining droids ‘bucket’. Each droid has a certain amount of minerals they can hold before going inactive and waiting for their player to empty them. These minerals are instantly sent to the Mine Exchange, thus crediting the player based on the current market value (and pending the amount of resources). Mining droids can also mine different minerals, which may contribute to a droid mining a lot of junk some days, or some more valuable minerals on other days.

The Basics

Players will be able to select from various classes of droids, their cost will vary and be related to which class of minerals they can mine (1-4).

Type 1 minerals are cheap, super easy to find and are available to be dug up by class 1 mining droids.
Type 2 minerals are slightly more valuable, a little less common, and can be dug up by class 1 and 2 mining droids. The concept then scales from there.

Droids have a certain lifespan, this essentially boils down to the amount of days they can operate. The basic droids can operate for around 10-15 days, so they break down more frequently but aren’t as expensive to repair. The higher class droids tend to operate for much longer, but when they break down it costs quite a bit more to repair.

Players can own multiple droids, multiple classes of droids. I don’t currently have an bounds on this, though a potential option to help balance the currency economy would be to have players purchase ‘slots’, we’ll see.

The Mine Exchange

This is where players can easily view the value of a given mineral, look up information about it, and ultimately transfer whatever their droids have mined into. My hopes are to have this play a crucial role in dictating prices on various items across the game, as well as utilize dynamic pricing based on supply & demand.

The Art

There are currently 15-20 planned minerals for the initial beta. Oddly enough, it’s also been the first art focus on the game for me personally. I’ve taken to learning Blender and have modeled what I feel are very nice pieces of art to show off now. As I mentioned in earlier posts, having good art is important and I want to strive to give player’s an immersive experience.

As I learn my way around Blender, I have a lot of ideas for how I want things to be in terms of art – however I want to be realistic and focusing on the more simpler objects such as the minerals in this post.

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